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Single Burning Item Fire Test Equipment
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Product: Views:111Single Burning Item Fire Test Equipment 
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Last updated: 2018-07-07 04:40

EN 13823  Single Burning Item  SBI Test Equipment  

Model#BND- 6017D


SBI Test equipment is mainly for testing building products, except for flooring materials, are exposed to thermal heat from a gas burner. It tests the reaction to fire tests building products excluded floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item. All types of building products, for example those included in the European Construction Product Regulation, CPR, or found in national regulations, for example wallpaper, paint systems, acoustic boards and coverings.

Declaration of a products fire characteristics for specific purposes, for example insurance purposes.

In the test method, the products heat release rate (kW), total heat release (MJ) and smoke production rate (m2/s) are measured. Flame spread and burning droplets/particles are observed visually.

Test procedure

A large and a small wing are mounted in a right angle and create a corner. A gas burner with a heat release rate of 30 kW is located in the corner during testing. The test time is 21 minutes. The combustion gases are collected through a hood where heat release rate and smoke production are measured


Single Burning Item Test equipment  uses a specified  method of test for determining the reaction to fire performance of construction products excluding floorings, and excluding products .


Product Show


It conforms to BS EN 13823 Reaction to fire tests for building products - Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item 

2.1 Equipped with  O2 analyser and CO2 analyser.
2.2 Monitor and figure out H.R.R, SPR, O2 consumption, and generation of CO, CO2.
2.3 Gas flux control and digital display.
2.4 the Operation interface and the performance are excellent . Parts replacement rate is far lower than the market
2.5 RS232 interface of the control chamber can be connected to PC.
2.6Data acquiring and saved, display of real time temperature curve, CO2/O2 curve.
2.7 PC+ Labview software.

3. main parameters:

3.1 SBI equipment, mainly including combustion chamber/room(combustion room is not included in quotation, which is built by the buyer. We will provide with a blueprint and technical guidance), control cabinet, trolley, smoke pipe, data collection and analysis device, gas supply control device.

3.2 Combustion room: L3000 * W3000 * H2400 (MM), the top of the room with a sampling pipe to connect the gas hood and smoke pipes. There is a space below the small carts/trolley to allow the air to circulate naturally. During the test, the combustion heat and combustion products of the samples burning are discharged from the exhaust pipe. Combustion room is built by buyer locally.

3.3 Ignition source, placed in the vertical corner of the trolley , 31KW propane right angle sandbox burner (side length is 250MM high 80MM).

3.4 There is a comprehensive sampling area in the exhaust pipe for the placement of sensors and sampling tube.

3.5 Smoke removal speed: 0.50 cubic meters / S ~ 0.65 cubic meters / S.

3.6 Laboratory indoor temperature measurement: diameter 1MM K type shielded thermocouple, environmental pressure test: ± 200Pa.

3.7 Smoke flue temperature measurement: 0.5 diameter of imported K-type shielded thermocouple.

3.8 Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5 ℃.

3.9 Smoke flue high-precision pressure sensor, precision ± 2Pa

provide with a blueprint and technical guidance), control cabinet, trolley, smoke pipe, data collection and analysis device, gas supply control device.

3.10 Time recording system accuracy: 0.1S.

3.11 Test time: 1 to 30 minutes can be set.

3.12 Smoke density measurement system, can measure the smoke density during the test.

3.13 Gas analyzers and key components are imported.

3.14 with embedded computer and 8.4-inch LCD display, with TCP / IP and RS-232 a variety of communication interface options

3.15 Oxygen measurement:
3.15.1 Measuring range: 0-25%
3.15.2 Signal output: 4-20 mA;  ambient temperature: 0-45 ° C;
3.15.3 Relative humidity: <90% (no condensation);
3.15.4 Linear drift: <± 0.1% O2;
3.15.5 zero drift: 0.05% O2 (one week);
3.15.6 Response time T90: ≤2S;
3.15.7 Repeatability: <± 0.02% O2;
3.16 Carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement:
3.16.1 Measuring range: 0-10%
3.16.2 Repeatability: <± 1%
3.16.3 Zero drift: ≤2% / week
3.16.4 Linear drift: ≤2% / week
3.16.5 Linear deviation : <± 1%
3.16.6 Response time: T90 ≤ 2 seconds
3.17 data acquisition system can collect records of oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, smoke density, heat release rate, mass loss rate and other test data can be saved.

1.What’s your MOQ?
MOQ for most of our products is 1 unit. If you purchase more products, you will get a better price accordingly.

2.Do you have an OEM/OED service?
Yes! Please contact us for details

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It depends on the product and the qty.
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